NavIC Convoy Managment

The system is developed as a credit card size device which is easy to carry and can be used to track vehicles and other moving utilities. This tracking data is monitored by central command center using indigenously developed software stack. This solution is a must have for tracking in remote locations, or tracking large numbers of vehicles moving in a convoy.

100% indigenous design, Idea and Customizable Solution BY OUR EXPERT TEAM

Features of NavIC based convoy management system

  • Live convoy tracking via NavIC
  • Feature rich portal for control room
  • Payload are AES/RSA encrypted
  • Communication are TLS 1.3 adn TLS 1.2 secure
  • Check convoy integrity
  • Bi-Directional convoy communication
  • LoRaWAN base transceiver station with 15 Km line of sight range
  • Civilian traffic alert
  • Vehicle resource management
  • Battery powered, power extension via USB
  • Inventory management (add-on)
    • Integration with fuel meter (stock of fuel farm)
    • Track the stock movement live and plan
  • AI powered Alert mechanism

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